Love is sweet. Love is sweet when it’s true. Love is true when it’s real.Love is real when it’s rooted in a good heart. Love rooted in a good heart is always faithful. Love that is faithful always bears sincere and delicious fruits.  Love that bears good fruits is very contagious. Love that is contagious is easily trasmittable to posterity. Love that is transferable to posterity never dies. Love that never dies lives forever. 

We most times fall victims rather than victors of love, simply because we didnt take time to define the grounds with which we chose to extend that heart of love

Most times the resultant effect of heart breaks all around every where,  on several occasions has  one thing or the other to do with the fact that we didn’t really define why we loved that person so much. Have u really asked why your even in love with such person. 

Undefined love is same like undefined vision in life’s journey. Let’s stop impulse love such as, “love at first sight”..”love at first glance”..they are actully Sweet and real,  but there’s great need for us to control the urge that comes with this uncontrolled impulse within us and take it slow but steady growth into it…. 

Love is sweet when it’s reason for being into it is known. Please let’s desist from the generation of those who claim that love is blind.. Don’t be blindfolded into marriage, else your eyes would certainly pop open for sure when you get there.. 

Once again despite all odds just know that love is sweet



The late Myles munroe ones said, “a woman wasn’t created from the man’s head for her to be ruled anyhow, neither was she created from his feet for her to become a slave,  rather she was uniquely tied from his side(i.e his ribs)  so that she can be close to his heart “…

Please guys stop treating that lady like a piece of shit, like a garbage, or like a toiletry.. She deserves more, she deserves the best.. A woman is a home builder, a vision strengthener, a driver of plans, her ideas are mostly if not always  the best….

So, she deserves the best from you brother…  Treat her like a queen that she deserves to be…

I love you all…. Have a splendid week…

From Projans


Life is a beautiful thing.  It is not only a gift of nature, but more so a gift from the Creator to his creation. 

In economics, we we’re made to understand that what is not scarce never attracts value. Therefore most of the most valuable gifts from the Creator are rendered  “valueless”,(if there’s any English like that).  For instance, Air and water are major prerequisites to life,  but due to their free and non-scarce nature we tend not to understand what it would cost us if those two indefatigable gifts of nature are elusive to us and to our environment at large….

I draw the curtain here.. Thanks for reading this post..