Evans Wife plead for The Release of her husband… 

31-year old Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike the wife of notorious kidnapper Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike , alias Evans has denied knowledge of her husband’s alleged criminal activities.
She claimed that the husband never showed signs of affluence, based on the fact that he was always given her little money for upkeep.

She even went as far as pleading with fellow Nigerians to forgive the husband and kindly beg the federal government to set him free, for the sake of their children.

She posted the above picture online, soliciting for compassionate Nigerians.

The question now is, would this plea be adhered to,based on the fact that her husband has brought untold sorrow to several homes ?????

Notorious Kidnapper, Evans , Takes security Operatives To where he used to keep his captives.

Notorious multi-billionaire kidnapper Chukwudi Onuamadike aka Evans has on Sunday June 18, led police operatives to two houses (Dens) in Ejigbo and Igando areas in Lagos state, where he used to keep some of his victim for months.
This follows his arrest last Saturday, June 10 in Lagos

The billionaire kidnapper kingpin allegly said, that he was about to take his life before the security operatives caught up on him.

Hqe stated that when he saw the security operative approaching him, he started running towards his mansion at magodo, on entering the mansion, he claimed, he taught that the security operatives would wait outside.

But alas, they followed him up and arrested Him right in his room, while he was about to kill himself.

He told reporters that he regretted not being fast enough to kill himself, claiming he would have found rest and as of now, “he can’t stand the shame”.

He is also asking the families of those he has caused them pains to please forgive him. And he went ahead to advise his fellow kidnappers in the business to please desist from it.

See why The Get-Help (GH) Icon was Removed….

Explaining the reason for the missing Get Help Order on the dash board of some of its participants, MMM, in a message on its website said the GH button was not cancelled but was only removed due to system upgrade.

The message reads, “Many participants woke up this morning to see that their Get Help (GH) orders have been removed completely from their PO’s Dashboard. Though some people called it canceled but the truth of the matter is that it was only removed not canceled. Please note that the GH orders were not cancelled because if cancelled, you will see it at the right hand side as deleted. It was removed because of the following reasons:

“There is an ongoing upgrade because programmers are always working on the MMM system every day so the promised New Model can be unveiled as soon as possible. You might notice earlier this morning, the login Captcha was showing alphanumeric as against the numbers until it restored to numbers later today.

“Moreso, many participants have formed the habit of cancelling their GH orders and creating new GH orders hoping they will be matched earlier. There is no need for that anyway but to forestall that, the created GH orders were removed and that is why you can’t create new GH orders because the old GH orders have not been cancelled but removed and withdrawal is still pending. 


The above lady in the picture, (according to sources was the best graduating law student during her time) ,out of frustration decided to Sue its former law school for being unable to find a paid job after 10-years of graduating from school… 

She filed the lawsuit in 2011, arguing that she would not have enrolled at Thomas Jefferson if she had known the law school’s statistics were misleading. Despite efforts by the school to get her case thrown out, San Diego, Judge Joel Pressman ruled against the law school. Alaburda is asking for $125,000 in damages….. 

What do you think? 

Suicide bomber kill scores of soldiers awaiting salary at millitart base… 

ISIL has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that left up to 49 Yemeni soldiers dead at a military base in Aden, a week after a similar attack that also killed dozens of troops in the southern port city.

Military officials stated that early on Sunday that the suicide bomber detonated his explosives as a group of soldiers were gathering to collect their salaries at the al-Solban base in the city’s northeast.
Bombings and shootings in the region have been increasingly targeting officials and security forcesin recent months.

Sunday’s attack happened just eight days after another bombing claimed by ISIL, killed 48 soldiers and wounded 29 others.

Gambian president elect sets to declare himself president if… 

Gambia’s president-elect Adama Barrow has said that he will declare himself president on January 18 if Yahya Jammeh does not leave office,according to BBC.

Jammeh last week declared he no longer accepted results of the December 1 vote, in a stunning turnaround that sapped hopes for a peaceful political transition for the west African state.
Barrow, however, called on the longtime leader to drop his challenge, despite his claim of “unacceptable electoral results ” from the nations electoral ruling body. 


Uganda’s High Court has described the Bridge International Academies (BIA)– which is funded by the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg — as unsanitary and unqualified, and has ordered it to close its doors in December because it ignored Uganda’s national standards and put the”life and safety” of its 12,000 youngstudents on the line.

The Director of Education Standards forthe Ministry, Huzaifa Mutazindwa, stated that the nursery and primary schools were not licensed, the teachers weren’t qualified and that there was no record of its curriculum being approved.”

When asked why the allegations were made if they weren’t true, White in defence of BIA said: “We definitely feel like a lot of pressure has been applied to have a particular view of Bridge that is a negative one.”He suggested that the opposition against BIA was because the campuses competed against localstate-run and private schools.“I don’t think the government is threatened by Bridge, but I think lobby groups are trying to make the government and ministry feel like they should be,” White said. 

DRC set to ban Facebook, Skype,Twitter and Whatsapp…

​Authorities inthe Democratic Republic of Congo have ordered the blocking of social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter, as well as WhatsApp, before President Joseph Kabila’s mandate expires at midnighton Sunday.

The letter from Congo’s Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARPTC) requires the”temporary blockingof sharing of images, video and voice [data] over the network” from 11:59pm local time(2259GMT) on Sunday, but gave no reason for the orders.It gave a non-exhaustive list of platforms subject to the blockthat includes Skype.”In cases where partial blocking is not possible, you are required to block access to therelevant social networks entirely,” it said.
We will comply with what has beendemanded,” said a manager at one of the affected internet providers.”It’s part of our [legal] obligations.”


Indeed it was a black Saturday in the city of uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.  The turn up of events on this Saturday has actually left every one speechless. A concerned citizen said, “I don’t understand this world again”..

The state was still trying to recover from the collosal loss of so many church members that were caught in the collapsed building of Reigners church, in the heart of uyo Akwa ibom. While another news was also received that the vehicle of a Well renowned transport Company in the state(AKTC) caught up with fire between calabar-itu. 

From information that got to us, it was reported that no life was loss as all passengers were able to alight from the vehicle, before the fire ravages the entire bus.