Uganda’s High Court has described the Bridge International Academies (BIA)– which is funded by the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg — as unsanitary and unqualified, and has ordered it to close its doors in December because it ignored Uganda’s national standards and put the”life and safety” of its 12,000 youngstudents on the line.

The Director of Education Standards forthe Ministry, Huzaifa Mutazindwa, stated that the nursery and primary schools were not licensed, the teachers weren’t qualified and that there was no record of its curriculum being approved.”

When asked why the allegations were made if they weren’t true, White in defence of BIA said: “We definitely feel like a lot of pressure has been applied to have a particular view of Bridge that is a negative one.”He suggested that the opposition against BIA was because the campuses competed against localstate-run and private schools.“I don’t think the government is threatened by Bridge, but I think lobby groups are trying to make the government and ministry feel like they should be,” White said. 


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