Is Networking business actually the immediate or remote panacea out of this recession? 

It’s been quite alarming, given the uncontrollable rise in the number of networking business that are emergine at the “snap of the finger“. The mode at which this businesses has been embraced by all and sundry has been with unimaginable aweness. 

Example of this networking businesses are; Giversforum, zarfund, crowd rising, ultimate cycled, I charity, helping hands. E. T. C

It’s been discovered that some people even go out of their way to secure loans, just for the sake of investing it in this Wonder money making business that are everywhere today. Should the people patronizing this businesses be stopped or should the perpetrators of this businesses be stopped? or should the federal government just “mind their business“, and allow the people to have their way, which to them, “they are helping themselves” , or should I say they are “assisting themselves, since the federal government hasn’t been able to profer the needed policy that would emerge in the right economic, political and social panacea“.
Are the government actually an enemy of progress, for continually telling people to desist from this get-rich quick enterprises?  Or are they the real enemy of progress, for not delivering their electoral mandate, as prescribed and detailed out during their campaign for the political offices they are now occupying ?

An angry participant once said, “if I’m to ask who the real criminals and unreliable people are, I’ll quickly point at the government“. I was actually shocked by his answer, but looking at how beaten and battered this fellow was, you would have no choice than to concede with his reasons. 

With the harsh effect of the current economic recession, with the fall in the value of money cum the devaluation of the Naira with respect to the dollar. With the high and unrepentant increase in the price of goods and services. With the exorbitant increase in the price and cost of imported commodities and services.

 And with the failure of appropriate economic, financial, social, environmental, geographical, agricultural, political  e.t.c policies of government to cushion the effect of this recessive menace, should networking businesses (irrespective of it’s pronness to possible risk) be stopped or far worse prevented from gaining entrance into the nation? Or should government just leave the “Networkers and their Networkees“,to keep on carrying out their daily transactions and find a way of fixing major, societal and national challenges such as terrorism, financial instability and uncertainty and many more. 

On the other side of the fence, is the government actually playing it’s role in “stopping the Networkers and their Networkees” or they are actually busy “pokenosing themselves into activity that doesn’t concern them” ?


From projans…. 


2 thoughts on “Is Networking business actually the immediate or remote panacea out of this recession? 

  1. The business of Networking and investment opportunities have been in existence for over a decade now in Nigeria. Nigerians are just waking up to embrace them boldly now as the fastest and assured way of breaking lose from the shackles of poverty Nigerian Leaders have placed their citizens (Not me) in. For me, it is what we need most now. Let the Government leave participants alone to help themselves after all they are not stealing from the National treasuries.


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