This has been one of the most controversial debate of the decade. The perspective of fellow Nigerian youths and the entire Nigerian populace over the fate of this scheme has been highly decisive while at one end it could be said to be emotionally driven based on certain reasons which aren’t far fetched. 

After interviewing some of the ex-corpers who had served their country in their own capacity, a good number of them had reasons why it should be sustained,  while the remaining average also gave reasons why the scheme should be “Immediately scrapped” with unhindered alacrity. 

Some Nigerians actually stated that the scheme had actually helped in the area of National integration. As it fostered the coming together of different breed of young and vibrant youths, irrespective of their cultural, ethnic, social, physical and territorial disparities. The scheme by one of the ex-corpers was actually a “blessing to the nation“. While another ex-corper said that it was actually a “One year of Fun“.

But on the other side of the divide, this set of ex-corpers cum the views of other intending graduates on the line to go for the one year mandatory national service, actually saw the scheme as an “utter waste of time to them“.some actually said, “if only you know what I was doing before this nysc of a thing actually made me to resign and come from it, you would know that I regret serving sef“. Some people actually complained of the fact that they had “tangible jobs or engagements” they were involved in, prior to the one year mandatory service, which they had no choice but to resign as the boss they worked for couldn’t afford to leave their position vacant till they return from service, as the whole idea of business is to make profit and even to maximize it thereto. 

An angry ex-corper actually poured out his mind when he said, “Nna the best thing to be done is for federal government to calculate their monthly allowance for the year, and pay them immediately after camp, so that as they are leaving camp they would go straight to invest the money, rather than sit around for one year doing virtually nothing”.

While some Nigerians after been interviewed said, “one year of service is not a guarantee that when you round up, a job would be waiting for you”.

So whats the way forward…??? Should it be scrapped or should it be improved upon?… Your views will tell.. 

(From projans… )


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