Shocker, American preacher celebrates Clinton’s defeat in a special way. 

Pastor John Kilpatrick, was caught on video celebrating Trumps victory over Clinton, although he never mentioned Trump’s name in the clip posted online by Raw Story, which shows him speaking at the Evangel Templein Meridian, Mississippi, earlier this month.

However, he declares that “God’s spirit is going to begin to move againin America” because of the election results.Kilpatrick said:

“Thank the Lord for the victory! Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebeldown! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you WOOOOOO! Revival’s on the way!”

Jezebel was a biblical figure killed for idolatry, and her name is often used to mean an evil or immoral woman.He also calls on his followers to stand and pray with each other and “lay hands on one another” ― but men are allowed only to pray with and “lay hands on” other men, and women only with other women.“The politically correct mindset would say I’m a crazy man,” he says at one point in the clip. “The politically correct mindset would say don’t listen to him, he’s a nut.


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