Washington –  Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton want a recount of the ballots in three states on the basis of experts’ statements with an eye toward ruling out the hacking of voting machines in the Nov. 8 election. 

Heading a similar request is Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.Republican President-elect Donald Trump defeated Clinton in terms of the electoral vote on Nov. 8, although the former secretary of state handily won the popular vote, but his margin of victory was very narrow in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, while in Michigan the magnate had a greater percentage advantage, but that state still has not determined whether he or Clinton won there.According to the Web page of the Cook Political Report, Trump beat Clinton, in Wiscons,Pennsylvania and Michigan by a close marginan.Those three states had gone Democratic in past elections.With those figures in hand, a group of well-known experts believe that the best way to definitively determine that there was no vote manipulation or hacking of the voting machines would be to undertake a recount in the three states in question.

However, so far the former first lady’s campaign has given no sign that it is contemplating asking for a vote recount, and it has not made any statement to that effect.With the electoral votes of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – although Michigan is still outstanding – in hand, Trump exceeded the 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College, and that appears to have been the decisive factor in his election win.The fact that Clinton is ahead in the ongoing popular vote count by more than two million ballots – 64.22 million to Trump’s 62.21 million, according to the Cook Political Report – had motivated some of her supporters to ask for a recount in a campaign on the social networks called”Audit The Vote.”Meanwhile, Stein’s campaign said on Wednesday that it needed to collect some $2 million to pay for the recount and, giventhat it had already exceeded that total, its new goal – set on Thursday – was to collect $4.5 million. The Green Party on its Web site said that it had already collected $4.1 million, that being sufficient to at least pay for the recount in Wisconsin.Ironically, during the campaign it was Trump who had complained that the vote might be “rigged” against him and even threatened that he might not recognize the results of the election if he lost.


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