According to S.R, the G.O of mountain of fire and miracle ministries (MFM), Daniel Kolawole Olukoya,  is on the verge of losing the vast land on which mountain of fire sits. 

A court ruling delivered on 12. May, by justice A.A Akinyemi of the Abeokuta division of of the high court of ogun state,  stated that the Adejonlu family are the bonafide owners of the land along the Lagos /Ibadan express way. 

This implies that,  Mr. Olukoya’s church had bought the land from and paid the wring people. Ownership dispute over the land began in 2003 and took the form of litigation via two different cases (suit Nos. AB/60/2003 and and AB/61/2003), between the Adejonlu and oduloye families. 

Justice Akinyemi’s ruling,  exclusively obtained by S.R,  declared tge Adejonlu family, the genuine owners of the land and that they are entitles to the right of occupancy of the land. 

Following the ruling the adejonlu’s lawyer, Mr. R.O Sadik, said that he wrote many letters to Dr.Olukoya for negotiation and settlement. 

One of the letters demanded the payment of Five-million Naira per-plot,  in order to cover the acreage that would be agreed on by the land owners and the church. Similarly, the letter demanded the immediate payment of 40% of the total cost of the acreage agreed upon. But these demands,  Sadik said, have been met with indifferences.  According to him, Mr. Olukoya is unwilling to negotiate with tge land owners of whom are keen on enforcing the court ruling and taking full possession of the land. 


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