life is actually ironic in its dealings. Man’s existence on the surface of the earth has been that of a mixture of joy and pain. pain is actually an inevitable segment of man’s life, such that

he has no singular choice but to experience it. From the day a child is born into the world the first thing he or she experiences is “pain” amidst uncontrollable tears from the infant.

Man has lived through existence sincerely hoping that one day the inexplicable entity called “pain”, would actually be removed from our lives.

like i once wrote in one of my articles, ‘life is ironic’, in this context, what i mean is that, we face both personal and interpersonal challenges as each day starts and ends. While at one side of the world, some people are actually crying, at the other side of the same world, some people are actually celebrating. While some are actually celebrating the birth of a loved one into the family, Some are actually on the verge of burying a loved one, that has already left the family, into the spirit world. While some are celebrating their wedding anniversary, some are still contemplating on when Mr/Mrs RIGHT would finally emerge, Hmm!!, what an ironic life.

Well since the life of man cannot be complete without the person called ‘pain’, paying a cruel visit to each person, i sincerely believe that all that man has to do is to live the best he can, take life very easy and simplified, and have a cognate understanding of the fact that as long as one is still habiting this flesh one has no choice but to pass through the corridors of ‘pain’ , while hoping to pass through the balcony of ‘joy’.

projans …


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