Honestly, in my little journey across the pathway of life.  I’ve come to understand some nityy gritty factors that might look unimportant but actually in the long run are actually the very thing that mattered most.

I’ve learn through life via, ‘experience’, via ‘knowledge’ and via ‘observation’…. Hmmmm.

I’ve seen kings become servants and

I’ve seen servants become kings.  I’ve seen the dark horse of the family become the white horse and the white horse of the family become the dark horse. I’ve seen the unpromisable of destinies turnout to be the pace setters and trail blazers overtime, whereas I’ve seen great potentials at the beginning turn out to be shameful and totally unsourced for. I’ve seen things in this little time of my life.

The late Myles Monroe once said that, in his school days his teacher told him that he was a black monkey with a black brain, and would never amount to anything in life, but alas!!  Twenty years from then the same teacher came to a book lunch of Myles munroe, with one of  Dr.MYLES Book in his hands with tears dripping fim his eyes, he wept and pleaded that he be forgiven, that if only he knew that Dr. Myles would be that great, he would never have said those words. So they hugged themselves and remember the good old days. I can go on and on with the likes of Ben Carson. And even the founder of whatsaap was fired by his employer,  Mark Zukerberg(owner of Facebook)  for not Hang d requisite know how for the job, but today he created Whatsapp and he’s a billion dollar Rich today.

Therefore, I’ve come to an unchallenged conclusion that one has to be careful with what we do, how we do and when we do some certain things, as regards to our dispositions to certain people that life has brought our way…

I could vehemently remember those days in school when every student wanted to use the latest shoes, cloths, phones, cars.. E. T. C ten years from then those things that we’re so much in vougue are no where to be found today.

It’s more alarming when in those days, the standards of friendship and choice of friendships veered on the grounds of materiality.

I’ve even seen girls ditch some guys on the grounds that they don’t have anything to live for and should rather ‘get a life’…  Life is so ironic actually…  I’ve seen a situation whereby a guy was in 6th grade and his junior was in second grade, but before you could say Jack Robinson, the junior had not only surpassed him, he had Also finished the university ahead of time and even went head to get a job whereas this other fellow is still struggling to enter the university… Life is truly ironic..

Why not take a brief moment and have a flash back to those ironic moments in your life.. So I’ll admonish you to be a good student of life and treat every one that comes your way with respect.

Treat him as if your treating the next president of your country..

Never forget to tell yourself this..
#I am special #


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