Lately, the House of Representatives called on law enforcement agencies to arrest the promoters of the MMM. One of the participant of MMM said this “I wish I could look those lawmakers in the eye and tell them how ridiculous they sound, If only they were a little more reflective, they would find out that the biggest Ponzi scheme operating in Nigeria today is the government herself”.

The lawmakers themselves are a major beneficiary of the fraudulent project of governance. The Representatives can spend all day pontificating on Nigerians’ reckless habit of throwing their monies into the MMM, and how much they will hurt themselves, when the venture finally crashes, they will not get anywhere. An angry Nigerian was said this to our reporter, “who is the real ponzi scheme?  MMM or the government?  They promised us good roads, free money, free food to all children, free job, free this and that, how many have we seen today?  They should stop deceiving themselves that they love Nigerians and better find other pressing issues that are affecting the nation and bother their mind over it”.

 People’s patronage of the MMM is a symptom of Nigeria’s current dysfunctionality and if the lawmakers listen to people’s justification of their investment, they will understand that every self-destructive habit runs on an in-built logic.


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