Just yesterday evening, in the ever busy Ijebu ode.  A lady (whose name is witheld),  was caught by an angry mob who we’re almost about to lynch her before The police came to her rescue.. 

The story was that, she allegedly killed of her own three children for money rituals. It was reported by a witness that, she killed the first child, butchered the innocent child ,and sold it’s body parts for nothing less than #400,000.

From investigation it was discovered that a concerned neighbour always asked her about her kids welfare,  only for her to respond that they are in Lagos and that they are fine. 

She succeeded in killing THE first two and selling their body parts to ritualists for money.  Alas, nemesis caught up on her, after she had succeeded in killing and dis-membering the third child, on her way back,  she was pounced on by mobs. 

Sources also revealed that she has a very mighty business. whereas people believed it’s the ritual she did that’s the source of her prosperity. 


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