Be it as it may, One of the most mind ravaging questions of all times has not always been what the life after the four walls of the ivory-tower would look like but rather, what life after NYSC would rather be? 

An ex-corper once told me that “until you’ve completed NYSC, don’t even think you have graduated or to think that you are a graduate”. Because to him, given the recessive state of the nation, most of the job offers from employers of labour nowadays, come with the tag “plus your NYSC ID number”, or “ensure you have completed your NYSC or you are about to do so”. Except you choose to equip yourself with requisite skills needed to survive in the current state of things. 
What is the fate of the average Nigerian student in such qualdrom of chaos?  The best thing to do is to keep one’s  head above the sea and hope for the best. 

As a word of congratulations to the recent Copers who just passed out. Fear not, You would surely make it. Trust God. And work hard, and all will be well.