Mr. Trump vs The World

One major reason why the world is still awed and shocked by the very outcome of Mr. Trumps emergence as the new president elect is simply that, it expected Mrs. Clinton to have emerged the winner. But that shows you how unpredictable politics is in USA could be, such that even in the most unpredictable period anything can still happen. 

I believe that the world has been selfish about the turn up of things. Mostly, I strongly concur that our reasons for wanting Mrs. Clinton, emerging as the winner has only been based on emotional and sentimental grounds if properly researched. Most people wanted Clinton on the grounds that they would be favoured in the outcome of the polls. For instance, African nations and it’s citizens in America, Islamic nations and it’s citizens in America, e.t.c. 

We forgot that this was not about Africa or any Islamic nation, it was not about whether if favoured anyone or not.  This was an election for the Americans alone, it was an ‘American’ election. Since when has the election of any nation on the face of the earth been at the interest of outsiders and non-citizens. Each right thinking American wanted the good old days back ,they wanted the feel of ruggedity, the fear on nations for america, the feel of becoming that same powerful nation again. It was for them, the true american man on the street wanted america to return to it’s old days of glory. But the rest of the world didn’t see that, to the world’s eye view, “a tyrant”, is coming to stop us. But to the Americans “our saviour has just emerged”. 

So congratulations MR. TRUMP.