Not only has the most dramatic and unprecedented historical event in the anals of history taken place, the emergence of Mr. Trump as the new president of the world most powerful nation has only sent one message to the world, and that is, “NEVER SAY NEVER”..”TRULY, WINNERS DON’T QUIT AND QUITTERS DON’T WIN”.

 Every single factor spoke against the newly elected president even up to a day to the main election day. He never gave up, not in his actions, not in his speech, never did he for once let down the gauntlet. 

I believe not only has history been created by such feat. It also helps anyone reading this to know that even if the economy of your nation does not support your dreams, “DON’T GIVE UP YET” ,even if friends and family don’t support your dreams and vision,  still “DON’T GIVE UP YET”. Still hang on because, “THERE’S ALWAYS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL”, and “THERE’S ALWAYS A SILVER LINNING IN THE DARK CLOUDS”. Mr. trumps victory is a motivational story to everyone out there who is about to throw in the towel. Remember, “DON’T GIVE UP YET”..