Trump Wins.. Nigerian’s Fate.. 

The turn up of the USA presidential election has been one of the greatest events in the anals of history. The whole world has been glued to their TV’s, Radio’s and every other medium of information just in attempt to know what is happening in the political economy of the most powerful nation in the world. 

Some people were for Mrs.Clinton while some were for Mr. Trump, with reasons that are best known to each persons.  

Nigerians and also the fate of some inhabitants in USA were not left out of place in this world political drama as it unfolded each day. Each Nigerian in the USA were praying that Mrs. Clinton should emerge victorious in the polls, with the opinion that their stay in America would be secured.  But with the current turn out of events and with the surprising emergence of Mr. Trump as the winner. I can easily conclude that some nigerians abroad are starting to ‘number their days in america’. 

Like a friend of mine just said, “if you never visit America before, you better find money and fly down there and return in the next few days” (funny though).  Because it is believed that entry into America would be tough,  with so many measures and procedures. 

Nevertheless,  we still congratulate Mr. Trump on his recent victory as the 45th president of America and also pray that our brothers and sisters in diaspora would be favoured by the new set of policies that would be forwarded from the ‘white house’.